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Thursday, 25 November 2010

An Open letter to EU Commission President Jose` Manuel Barroso

Dear Sir,

EU Commissioner John Dalli has been complaining for a long time about the ill treatment he has been receiving in Malta over the false accusations made against him prior to being appointed Commissioner.

In previous and recent interviews to the Maltese press and TV he explained the way he and his family have suffered since he was falsely accused. He continues to express his concern by the way justice is administered in Malta and demands having certain people investigated despite the lack of evidence. He goes on to state that we are all equal in the eyes of the law and people in the same situation as him should receive the justice they deserve.

In his interview Commissioner John Dalli continues to state that although the person responsible for making false accusations against him is serving a jail sentence, this is not good enough. Dalli expects that the person politically responsible should be held accountable. My family and I expect nothing less from Commissioner John Dalli.

During the time he has been voicing his serious concerns he has neglected to bring to the public’s attention that while he was Finance Minister on the 17th November 1999 he falsely and maliciously accused me of distributing 20, 000 anonymous letters claiming to defame him.

Commissioner John Dalli abused the power entrusted to him. He pressed criminal charges against me, placing an impediment on my departure knowing from the outset that I was innocent and that neither he nor the authorities had any evidence against me.

Five months after Commissioner Dalli brought criminal charges against me it was confirmed that the stationery used came from parliament. I never had any connection or access to parliament. Despite this he did not drop charges.

The evidence in this case proved that a number of people were involved in sending the letters. However, I was the only person that Commissioner John Dalli brought criminal charges against.

It took me 3 years 11 months 15 days to prove my innocence. Commissioner Dalli’s vindictiveness caused me such a stigma that I was unable to find employment in Malta and had to leave permanently, returning to the U.K.

When Commissioner John Dalli was falsely accused he was not interrogated by the police for long hours like I was, despite the fact that I was ill and had to be taken to hospital for treatment. Thereafter being taken back for further questioning that was carried out under duress.

During this long process I had my human and civil rights breached because of the ill treatment I received by the authorities. I was not given the opportunity for a fair trial.

Neither did he have to endure the humiliation I had to by the general public. Nor did he lose all that he had worked hard for and be forced to leave his home and country.

Commissioner Dalli caused my family and I a lot of unnecessary distress and suffering that still affects us to this day.

Considering the seriousness of the crime he accused me with he never insisted on the investigation continuing after I was acquitted, despite his public pledge that it would continue until the perpetrators were caught. Neither did he apologise or try to make good the bad experience he forced my family and I into.

From the investigations the evidence points to Commissioner Dalli. He had the motive, means and resources to conduct such a pathetic but serious crime. He accused me in revenge because I had reported to the police his involvement in what has become to be known in Malta as ”the scandal of the millennium” or the “Daewoo scandal”.

In defence of my rights, integrity and dignity, I am therefore requesting that you will appoint an investigation into Commissioner Dalli’s behaviour, which shows signs of double standards and a strong suspicion of him being involved in a criminal act. He should be held politically responsible for the false and malicious accusations he made against me and asked to resign pending investigations. 

Should you give instructions to conduct an investigation I assure you of my full co-operation if required.

I take the opportunity to thank you for your kind and urgent attention in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Joseph Ellul-Grech
Dated this 19th October 2010